About Us

About Us

Why We Exist

Perfect bread like no other, the best cheeses, and slow cooked meats topped with simple ingredients and house-made condiments.

Hand Crafted & Fresh

Made today…gone today. Creating and delivering – every day – by being authentic and wholesome. A well-made sandwich is a wonderful thing, and not easy to find. Each morning we start fresh – our bakers and chefs rise early each morning to ensure our farm fresh sandwiches and hearty homemade soups are available each day.

We support local producers, sustainable farming practices, and eco-friendly packaging wherever possible while providing you with the most delicious fresh breads, baked goods, hearty sandwiches and salads.

Our meats are slow-cooked, hand-carved and prepared in-house.  Our simply sensational sandwiches and salads are built to order.  Fresh breads have been carefully selected from our bakery partner – Calgary Italian Bakery – to deliver you daily fresh baked bread and the very best flavourings.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is roasted by Coffee Concept, a local, independent company, to ensure the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee possible.

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